Do you really need a full time CFO?

Do you really need a full time CFO? Many companies don't. But that doesn't mean they don't require expert CFO level knowledge during critical stages of growth or to help with strategic planning. Here's a great article from Fast Company that explores how interim and fractional executives can be game changing. Outliers’ “CFO as a Service” suite of services for private equity owned portfolio companies provides PE experienced accounting experts on a fractional basis.  Some of the benefits of [...]

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What does pizza have to do with accounting?

With the first quarter complete, most companies with a calendar year end have wrapped up their annual financial audits or are in the process of doing so. For all those accounting teams out there – congratulations! As accountants, our very own version of March Madness is over and we can settle back into being just “very busy” versus “completely underwater”. I often remind employees outside the accounting department at client companies that accountants are the only group in most companies [...]

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The Case for Outliers

C-suite turnover is epidemic in lower middle market private equity (LMM) portfolio companies, a reality that, not surprisingly, can seriously damage or even derail the value creation process. The challenge - and its solution - is tied to the unique nature of these ventures and their corresponding need for CEOs and CFOs with the skillset and background to identify and manage the outliers - portfolio investments that stand out because of their particularly strong - or poor - performance. In [...]

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