A New Formula for PE Deal Success – The Fractional CFO

While an Operating Partner (OP) – usually with the credentials of a highly experienced CEO – is critically important to helping lower middle market private equity deal teams build value, the importance of an equally talented and proven interim CFO - otherwise known as the fractional CFO - cannot be overstated. With an experienced OP and CFO onboard, a deal stands a much better chance of achieving the acquisition thesis objectives, avoiding risk, identifying hidden value, and ultimately optimizing exit [...]

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How to Solve CEO Turnover in PE Companies

[This post originally appeared in Mainsheet Operating Partners blog, found here.] A majority of the CEOs tasked with transforming PE portfolio companies into lucrative exits are instead being replaced within the first two years of the investment, thereby putting both the reality of those plans and their timetables in real jeopardy. Meaning that solving CEO turnover in PE companies is critical to industry success. That is the consensus of a recent PE industry survey, which also suggests that much of [...]

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