Do you really need a full time CFO?

Do you really need a full time CFO? Many companies don't. But that doesn't mean they don't require expert CFO level knowledge during critical stages of growth or to help with strategic planning. Here's a great article from Fast Company that explores how interim and fractional executives can be game changing. Outliers’ “CFO as a Service” suite of services for private equity owned portfolio companies provides PE experienced accounting experts on a fractional basis.  Some of the benefits of [...]

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A New Formula for Creating PE Deal Value, Stability – Mainsheet OP

The formula for creating PE deal value is supposed to be fairly simple. But today the exits are coming from the CEOs, which is creating big problems. Our three-legged stool model was designed to avoid these challenges, drive value, and generate attractive exits for owners. Source: A New Formula for Creating PE Deal Value, Stability - Mainsheet OP

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A New Formula for PE Deal Success – The Fractional CFO

While an Operating Partner (OP) – usually with the credentials of a highly experienced CEO – is critically important to helping lower middle market private equity deal teams build value, the importance of an equally talented and proven interim CFO - otherwise known as the fractional CFO - cannot be overstated. With an experienced OP and CFO onboard, a deal stands a much better chance of achieving the acquisition thesis objectives, avoiding risk, identifying hidden value, and ultimately optimizing exit [...]

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