Do you really need a full time CFO? Many companies don’t. But that doesn’t mean they don’t require expert CFO level knowledge during critical stages of growth or to help with strategic planning.

Here’s a great article from Fast Company that explores how interim and fractional executives can be game changing.

Outliers’ “CFO as a Service” suite of services for private equity owned portfolio companies provides PE experienced accounting experts on a fractional basis.  Some of the benefits of Outliers’ CFO As A Service include:

  1. Hours can be flexed to meet the demand
  2. Cost is significantly lower for a fractional CFO
  3. We recognize that we will eventually move on from the company, therefore all work is done with the eventual transition to a permanent resource in mind
  4. We don’t just “fill the seat” but rather we will make notable progress on key initiatives while also helping drive core business processes
  5. We can bring additional resources to bear when needed including Six Sigma Green Belts, IT specialists, and a variety of other partners

Find out if Outliers CFO as a Service is right for your portfolio company.

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