Outliers, LLC, the proven leader for interim and fractional CFO leadership, is pleased to announce new Financial Planning & Analysis Services (FP&A) along with the appointment of Jay Majeske as Director FP&A Services.

Jay is an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience delivering results that drive growth and profitability. Jay’s success applying data-driven decision-making to desirable outcomes makes him a natural fit for the Outliers team.

In building out the FP&A services division, Jay has assembled a formidable team of Data Specialists, including new hires Lauren Davidson, Laura Diaco, Jackie O’Donnell, and Aileen St. John Unger.

“We are very excited about the additional capabilities of our new FP&A team,” said Jay. “Outliers clients can count on us to challenge the status quo, think outside the box and provide accurate and insightful analysis that will prepare them to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.”

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