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CFO Services

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Every member of the Outliers’ team has a proven CFO track record. We’ve been in the trenches. And we know how to guide you to a successful outcome.

Every member of the Outliers’ team has a proven CFO track record. We’ve been in the trenches. And we know how to guide you to a successful outcome.

Private Equity Accounting Services Include:

Transition Services

The Accounting & Finance organizations of a newly acquired platform or add-on are often not prepared for the heightened requirements under PE investors. Smooth, well-planned & executed transitions to rigorous PE standards is a signature service of Outliers. We help your deals get off on the right foot.

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Interim CFO Services

Whether due to the lack of a qualified CFO in place for a new acquisition, the departure of an incumbent CFO, or a planned upgrade to the Office of the CFO, our PE experienced Partners and network of Consulting CFOs can provide needed expertise and leadership required during times of change.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Our dedicated Financial Analysis and Planning team works with our clients to extract meaning from financial and non-financial data and help to model and gain insight to see “what comes next”.

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Fractional CFO Services

Lower middle market companies usually have underdeveloped accounting functions and often don’t need a full-time Controller or CFO. We can provide on-going CFO support for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO until the company grows to a point where a full-time CFO is required.

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QOE Lite

Due diligence processes for buy side or sell side small companies (revenues < $20 million) are very similar to the pocesses needed for larger acquisitions. Our QOE Lite service provides a “no frills” quality of earnings process at lower cost and over shorter time frames for small acquisitions or exits.

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Distressed & Turnaround

All portfolios will have some investments that are more challenged than others. These underperformers can sap PE & management energy & attention thus potentially lowering overall portfolio returns. Our PE experienced CFOs have worked through tough situations successfully.

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special projects

Special Projects

As PE experienced CFOs we offer skills and insights to help ensure success for non-standard projects such as assessing underperforming accounting functions, development planning for future CFOs, overhauling cash management and treasury functions, etc.  We often apply the skill sets of our Six Sigma Green & Black Belt team members on these types of projects.

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“Optimizing overall portfolio returns is dependent upon maximizing results of your positive outliers and minimizing the impact and drain on resources of your negative outliers. We can help on both ends of the spectrum”

– Dan Stankey, Founder & CEO, Outliers, LLC

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